Hi everybody,

I’m pleased to announce we completed upgrading our new security system by adding a 600′ long, 9′ high, cinder block wall around the sides and back of the facility.  In addition, we added 16 video cameras, a peripheral laser beam alarm, and motion detectors.  At this point, we are the only Self Storage Company in Willows offering a comprehensive security system.  While we were at it, we also upgraded our RV and Boat storage area.

So far it has been successful in convincing vandals and thieves to go elsewhere.  Last months thieves broke in to several units down the street, but left our place alone.  Now, more than ever, we offer the best value for all your storage needs.

Until next time, thanks for visiting our website, and we hope to see you in Willows.



Don Romeri



Hello everyone,

Welcome to the first entry in my new blog; and thanks for joining me.  In  the coming months I will keep you informed of upcoming events and changes happening with Romeri storage.   Please come back to our site, or log on to our Facebook page to stay informed.

As we become better acquainted with the nuances of social media and our overall web presence, we will be adding additional features to the website; linking with you tube, and other services to better assist you with our storage offering.  If you have storage requirements today, I have posted a link from selfstorage.com which can help in determining what size fits your needs.  Check it out here SelfStorage.com.  Or call us, and we will put you in the right size unit.

photo of Don Romeri owner of Romeri self storage

Thanks for giving me your attention.  I hope to see you again right here on my blog, as we have some exciting new features to announce soon.

Don Romeri

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